Best New Jersey online sports betting sites

Keen online gamblers are probably aware that for a long time, opportunities for online sports betting have been very limited in the US. A 1992 ruling saw an (almost) nationwide ban on sports betting, aimed at protecting the integrity of sports. The exception was the state of Nevada, where sports betting remained legal and continued to generate significant revenue for the state, which, understandably, made other states eager to see a relaxation of the rules for them also.

Now, finally, after years of lobbying, New Jersey has won its long battle to lift the ban and allow sports betting throughout the state. NJ sports betting online is legal from 2018, and there are already some NJ betting sites available to take advantage of this new development.

NJ sports betting online is new but growing fast. NJ sportsbooks that are already open for business (as of August 2018) are DraftKings Sportsbook and Sugarhouse Sportsbook. They will be closely followed by FanDuel Sportsbook, and Caesars Casino is also adding the option of sports betting to both its main website platform and its mobile app, making placing a bet from anywhere at anytime easy and quick.

Best New Jersey online sports betting sites

This is a big step for the country, which has confined legal sports betting to one state (Nevada) for so long. There is speculation that NJ sports betting will open the doors to legalized and regulated online sports betting throughout the US.

What about offline sports betting in New Jersey?

It is already available! Resorts Casino in Atlantic City was the first land-based casino to offer sports betting, and others will not be far behind.

As online sports betting in NJ becomes more established, it is likely that a lot of New Jersey casinos will add this to their list of offerings, and competition for new business will probably spawn a lot of sports betting bonuses and promo codes. For now, you can get up to $250 free when you sign up with SugarHouse Sportsbook and $200 free with DraftKings Sportsbook. Get up-to-date bonus codes for sports betting NJ right here.